2009 Pole Barn Makeover

Did anyone ever hear the old saying "No rest for the wicked"? As soon as we completed six weeks of labor of love working on preparing the Veterans Memorial Site for the arrival of the new monuments "slave driver" Russ Marsden was cracking the whip again to get work parties together to start renovating the much in need Pole Barn Kitchen, Rest Rooms and Building itself. Cement was poured throughout the entire Pole Barn. Yeah, no more stones to deal with, BUT, does this mean no more dancing on the tables?

The restrooms were painted from floor to ceiling as well as the outside of the building. How nice and clean a fresh coat of paint makes everything look. Plans are to pour cement walkways to the restrooms to better accomadate the handicap.

The biggest improvement is in the Kitchen for we now have a ceiling and walls. The old counter top was all ripped out and built anew. There are plans to purchase a new stove for it as well. Fresh paint was put on the wall, ceiling and the building inside and out. It is coming along very nicely.

Again thank you all for your continued hard work and dedication to our organization. We just continue to get bigger and better every day because of such a great group of persons in all three parts of the organization, the Veterans, Ladies and Men's Auxiliary. Check out the before and after pictures.