2009 Veterans Memorial Field

While I was Chaplain of The Ladies Auxiliary on Patriot's Day, September 11th (Anniversary of the Attack on America) and September 18th National POW / MIA Day, I became aware of the fact that nowhere in the Village of Mexico did we have a place to honor these very special persons who had given all for our many freedoms. On these dates I held a Freedom Walk to honor the Fallen American Heroes of 911 and those who continue to lose their lives in the pursuit of freedom and a Candle Light Vigil at our existing Veteran Monument in memory of the POW / MIA. The night of the vigil an idea of having two monuments made for these very special persons was inspired in me. With the financial help of our Veterans, The Ladies Auxiliary and The Men's Auxiliary my dream became a reality. Everyone put their heads together and great ideas to not only get the monuments but ways to enhance the entire area came to light.

Working with Jody Wiggins, from Kellogg Memorial, a design of the two monuments was made, approved and ordered with a delivery date to be in time for our Annual Ceremonies and Open House on Memorial Day. For six weeks work parties were organized by the veteran's and both auxiliaries to do the prep work in the area before delivery of the monuments. Ground was broke, forms built for the cement to be poured, cement poured in the area complete with sidewalks made wheelchair accessible, flower bed with landscaping blocks made, landscaping and engraving memory stone bricks placed (these bricks will be offered in memory of your loved ones for a donation of $50 each (forms are available at the post canteen), and five new flag poles for each branch of the service were installed.

We also have an area prepared for the WW1 Monuments presently located at The Mexico Academy Central School to be relocated if the community is favorable of the move. The present area that they are located in is set far back from the road and most people do not even know that they exist. Our new area has ample parking and handicap accessibility. If you feel that they should be moved please contact the village office to show your support.

All work was completed and the monuments delivered in time for Memorial Day. The monuments are even more beautiful than what we had expected. God blessed us with a beautiful day full of sunshine and just enough breeze to make it a perfect day for a parade. There was a wonderful turn out for the parade, participants as well as spectators. Close to 300 persons came by to see our newly enhanced monument area and join in our Memorial Day Services to remember and honor our fallen comrades, followed by an Open House Buffet. The Veteran's supplied Meat Trays, Rolls, Meatballs and several of the Ladies Auxiliary's and members made dishes to pass. What a great, great day!!!!!!! We are so very grateful and proud for all that we have accomplished at our new facility and will continue to in the future.

This was a tremendous amount of work that went so smoothly because of the many volunteers who so unselfishly gave their time for this very special project. The area is so beautiful and far more than I could have ever envisioned. It truly is amazing what can be accomplished when people all work together for the good of our organization and for our veterans. You all know who you are and thank you all from the very depth of my soul for making what was my dream and became our dream a reality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please enjoy the photos of before and after.

Veteran's Memorial Field (today)